Contact Us Today to Get Rid of Your Junk Car

1. Question: What is Junk My Wheels?

Answer: Junk My Wheels is a family-owned local business that buys vehicles in any condition.

2. Question: What type of vehicles do you buy?

Answer: We buy all kinds of vehicles. Whether they're running or not, we pay top dollar.

3. Question: What areas do you serve?

Answer: We serve the 40-mile radius of Phoenix, AZ. If you have a vehicle that is farther than that, give us a call.

4. Question: How do we get paid for our vehicle?

Answer: The tow truck driver will pay you cash before they take the car.

5. Question: Do you offer free towing?

Answer: Yes. We will tow your car the same day.

6. Question: Do you offer same-day pickup?

Answer: Yes. We offer same-day pickup.

7. Question: What will happen to my vehicle when it's junk?

Answer: Each vehicle has a different destination. Some will be sent to an auction and others will be recycled.

8. Question: What happens with the status of my title with the motor vehicle services?

Answer: You will need to call the motor vehicle services and let them know that you sold us your car. We will provide you with a receipt for proof.